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There was a time when in order to rank well in the search engines, you needed to place your target keywords in just the right place in your content copy. Not only that, but also these keywords had to be repeated in just the right frequency (known as “density”). Once you’d achieved this, you’d see miraculous things happen to your search engine rankings.

Without a doubt, keyword location and frequency are still critical to website rankings. Search engines work by “matching” the words and phrases people are searching for with the content of pages indexed in their databases and then returning the most relevant results. But that’s not all there is to good optimized copy anymore.

A great deal of what determines a website’s rank position is down to what happens off the page, namely in the form of links from other sites. Getting links to your site naturally from other sites has become the hardest part of SEO. To put it simply, if your content is not good enough to attract high quality, natural links, it doesn’t matter how optimized your site is.

Good SEO copywriting also has a flair for being tuned in to the needs of the target audience. The same emotions that drive people to buy can also cause them to link to a blog, to bookmark a post and to tweet. A skilled copywriter needs to have a knack for writing content that invites the user to link to or share it. They need to know how to optimize the page so that the search engines know what the content is about and who might be interested in reading it.

So, if it’s the “off page” stuff that’s most important, does SEO copy still matter?

You bet, and this is why.

Seek and you shall find

Pick any research report you like and search is still the biggest game in town. For over 10 years now it’s remained one of the top Internet activities (just behind email). There are literally billions of searches performed every month and searchers are the most motivated and active people on the web.

If a searcher is looking for a service or product then there’s every chance they’re looking to buy. If they’re looking for information and your site provides it then you’ve got a great chance of converting that search into a sale.

SEO copywriting for search and sales

Naturally our first aim is to get your site ranking as high in the search results as possible. But that’s just a means to an end. Getting a ton of eager new visitors to your site is only one part of the equation. Ultimately, just like you, we want them to buy! That’s why we’re very careful not to sacrifice the sale for the sake of SEO.

When we begin the SEO copywriting process, our first draft is written just for your users and we completely ignore the search engines. Only after everyone is satisfied the copy is on brand, on message and on target do we then go back and begin to optimize for search. The result? SEO copywriting that attracts Google, and more importantly, your customers.

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