Brand Marketing Communications

Effective Marketing Communications

Entertain, shock, surprise

Advertising can be entertaining, nostalgic, shocking, sensual, surprising and most of all effective. If it doesn't grab your attention and persuade you to act then it hasn't worked.

Getting your message across

Marketing has one, simple function: to sell. Which means understanding your customers' beliefs, needs and desires, and clearly and powerfully positioning your product, service or brand to engage with them.

Creating the core message

We begin by researching you; your market, your position within it, your product or service, and what makes it different - and better. Then we work our way into your potential customers' mind-sets; what motivates them, what do they want, what nerve must be touched to evoke the desired response.

The high road or low?

How can you best take your message to market? Via print, television, radio? Or perhaps direct marketing or web-based media would be more effective - and cost-effective. We have extensive experience across the full range of marketing media.

Message received?

How do you know if your marketing is working? We can monitor our clients' campaigns to ensure that results are in line with expectations. On occasion, 'tweaking' may be indicated: we are adept at responding rapidly and effectively to feedback, ensuring that your campaign stays on course.

Marketing Communications products

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Press / Magazine
  • 48 sheet billboards
  • Bus packs
  • Direct mail
  • Online banners
  • Viral / Social marketing

Interested In Learning More?

We are trusted to provide advertising strategy to some of Australia's biggest brands. Why not let us apply our knowledge to your advantage? No matter the size of your business or marketing communications budget, we can prepare, implement and manage a media strategy uniquely tailored to your brand. For marketing communications with clout, contact us.


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